We specialise in highly durable, seamless, waterproof wall and floor decorative coatings.

The wall and floor mineral products we use are extreamly versatile, and an ideal solution/finish for bathrooms, wet rooms, swimming pools, kitchens, floors, worktops, tables, custom made sinks and baths. It can be applied directly to most existing surfaces. Not only is it waterproof but it is also mould and mildew resistant. Providing a hygienic and bacteria safe environment.


One of the main advantages possessed by the microcement /mineral coatings we use is the wide variety of colours that exist for its application, and the different colour shades within each colour. When microcement has been correctly applied it adheres permanently to the surface on which it has been applied to perfectly and can resist outdoor weather attacks and / or continuous foot traffic. 

We use high quality, durable sealants. Once sealed and cured microcement is tough, resilient to stains and UV damage. 

For cleaning,  we recommend a natural soap and water which can be purchased from us.


  • Used to restore damaged and uneven surfaces, whether, concrete, wood, tile, etc..

  • Can be used internally or externally.    

  • Can be applied in both small and large venues in domestic and commercial locations. 

  • It is very easy to maintain and clean.

  • Minimal thickness of just 3 - 4 mm

  • Available in a wide range of colours

  • Aesthetic and stylish.

  • It has no joints and is homogeneous

  • Can be applied on almost any surface with no need to remove the existing material. It can even be applied over existing tiles 

  • Microcement itself does not crack.

  • Extremely durable.  It is very resistant to weight, friction, shock, abrasion, high temperatures, water, fire, moisture and to ultraviolet light.